Ian Petroni is a multi-disciplinary artist in Cleveland, Ohio. In my work as a designer and builder for theater, festivals, public spaces, I seek to serve the circumstances while presenting something unexpected and challenging. My hope is to inspire the imagination of the public. Functionality is critical to me and I put a high emphasis on understanding the specific situation that each of my pieces must interface with However, I am not so much interested in work that has a clear point. Rather, I am interested in work that raises questions, or presents a complexity and even conflicting emotions. After experiencing this work, I would like the audience to see the world, in a new light, from a slightly different point of view. Found objects and recycled materials are inspiring my process. I enjoy the challenge of conceiving of unexpected ways to use found objects, and I enjoy surprising the viewer with how something can be used. Perhaps they will then see everyday objects as having creative potential. Likewise, in an increasingly digital and manufactured world I strive to create work with a handmade, organic quality. Nature is an influence for me in regards to this practice: for example each plant of the same species follows certain rules in how it grows, but each individual plant is also unique. I enjoy challenging what I perceive as the dominant aesthetic of our time by creating work that is organic, intentionally imperfect, and handmade in the hope that the audience feels some inspiration and confirmation of their own human creative impulses. I want people to feel that their world is something they can participate in creating.